This necklace consists of a beaded chain of semi-precious stones Peruvian Opals and Om amulets in 14k fine gold-plated metal.

Delivery rates

To mainland France and Monaco : € 8.95 – Recommendation option – against signature
To overseas countries : € 15.65
To the European Union : € 12.55
Internationally : € 27.30

The Healing power of peruvian opal

The Andean blue-green opal is a fairly rare variety of common opal found only in Peru. It encourages people to overcome their fears and encourages openness to others, promoting more communication and spontaneity. In Peru, it is considered a gift from the Patchamama (Mother Earth Goddess) to generate abundance and prosperity. It is a stone of joy that infuses good mood and lightness.

The Om (or Aum ॐ)

The Om (or Aum ॐ) is one of the most sacred symbols of Hinduism: it is used as a prefix and sometimes a suffix to Hindu mantras. It is considered to be the divine primitive vibration of the Universe which represents all existence.

The power of Intention

Whenever you will wear your necklace, place an intention which corresponds to a quality or a state of mind that you want to develop during the day. This will reinforce the natural healing power of the stones and the intention placed during the fabrication of your necklace.

Each necklace is charged with Reiki and benevolent intention in addition to the healing power of the stones.

Please don’t put your jewel in direct contact with perfume or cleaning products.

Avoid contact with water or moisture. When not in use, store your jewel in its original pouch after wiping it with a soft cloth.

This model is hand made in limited edition. In case it is out of stock, it is possible to order it with an additional time of 2 or 3 days.

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