This necklace consists of a 14k 1 micron gold plated chain, Happiness, Happiness, Felicidad mantras engraved on rectangular medals with insertion of amethyst semi-precious stones. The medals are finished with fringes. Chain length: 70 cm with 4 cm of extension chain Total length of the 3 medals: 11 cm

Delivery rates

To mainland France and Monaco : € 8.95 – Recommendation option – against signature
To overseas countries : € 15.65
To the European Union : € 12.55
Internationally : € 27.30

The Mantra necklaces remind us to live in the present moment, to become aware of the small moments of happiness throughout the day. Your necklace invites you to mentally recite throughout the day a mantra of happiness that will not only raise your vibrations but also dispel negative thoughts.
All the medals have been designed like supports for meditation, as talismans charged with positive energy.

The power of intention

Whenever you wear your necklace, place an intention to color your thoughts of benevolence throughout the day.
Each necklace is charged with reiki and caring intention in addition of the power of the stones.

The virtues of amethyst

It is the stone of wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. It not only promotes meditation, concentration, but also spiritual elevation. It also takes care of soothing anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and grief.

It is possible to realize this necklace in 3 micron gold plated on request. Please contact to know the price and delivery date.