This necklace consists of semi-precious African turquoise stones, turquoise magnesites from Nevada and 14 karat gold plated eye amulets.

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To mainland France and Monaco : € 8.95 – Recommendation option – against signature
To overseas countries : € 15.65
To the European Union : € 12.55
Internationally : € 27.30

The Healing power of the Turquoises

The turquoises are stones of protection and purification. They are used by the shamans as a powerful shield against the negative energies and to speed up the process of healing. They are known to calm down all kinds of pain thanks to their regenerative capacity.Your necklace will protect you.

The third Eye

The third Eye is a protective lucky charm and represents the chakra of Third Eye Ajna. It is located between the eyebrows. It is related to intuition. This is the chakra of Inner Wisdom and clairvoyance.

The power of Intention

Whenever you will wear your necklace, place an intention which corresponds to a quality or a state of mind that you want to develop during the day. This will reinforce the natural healing power of the stones and the intention placed during the fabrication of your necklace.

Each necklace is charged with Reiki and benevolent intention in addition to the healing power of the stones.

Please don’t put your jewel in direct contact with perfume or cleaning products.

Avoid contact with water or moisture. When not in use, store your jewel in its original pouch after wiping it with a soft cloth.

This model is hand made in limited edition. In case it is out of stock, it is possible to order it with an additional time of 2 or 3 days.

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